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Build fellowship with enjoyable group cooking classes

"Adrienne's lesson was creative and easy-to-follow, yet I learned a number of tips that were new to me. The group experience was memorable and I had a wonderful time. With her notes and the recipe I feel confident about making this dish at home or for company."
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When you take group team-building classes from Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine, you get to enjoy great food, group fellowship, a positive learning experience and create lasting memories of a fun party. Prior to the class your personal chef and group facilitator, Adrienne, will meet with the group leader to coordinate the facilities and menu plan. With Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine you can choose from a wide range of cooking styles and dishes including hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, soups, salads, entres, side dishes and desserts. Your personal chef and group facilitator, Adrienne, with her vivacious personality and love of food will create a fun and memorable experience making the lessons easy for the novice chef, yet providing informative tips and techniques that will hold the interest of even accomplished cooks. Organizing in small groups, individuals will experience teamwork as they watch the cooking demonstration and prepare selections from easy-to-follow recipes provided by Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine. Your personal chef and group facilitator, Adrienne will monitor each team's progress rendering assistance or answering questions as needed. On completing their assignments the groups will get to sit down and enjoy their creations. After the meal there will be ample food to take home and share with loved ones or friends.

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