Private and Semi-Private Cooking Lessons

Acquire Confidence and Technique from an Expert Chef

"Adrienne worked beautifully with 9 teenage girls. She kept them focused without being too dictatorial. She arrived beautifully prepared and organized. The food was terrific and lovely to look at."

Cooking can be a very pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Expand your skills; build a repertoire of scrumptious recipes and enjoy the experience. Lelt your personal chef and mentor, Adrienne, teach you the techniques of accomplished professional chefs. Private instruction from Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine offers the novice chef an affordable alternative to culinary schools with personal attention, custom lesson plans to match your skills and interests and a hands-on learning experience. Take private cooking lessons in the privacy of your own home or in the home of your personal chef, Adrienne. Cooking lessons from Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine for small groups of 6 or more people are taught in SF Bay Area mid-peninsula locations at mutually arranged facilities. The minimum lesson duration is 3 hours. Your personal chef, Adrienne will customize lesson plans for

Private Classes

In a private class your personal chef, Adrienne will demonstrate technique and then provide supervision as you practice the techniques you have just learned. Cooking instruction is customized to match your skills and to introduce you to foods you never knew you could prepare. Prior to the class your personal chef, Adrienne, will ask you about the foods you would like to make, plan a menu with you and prepare a custom lesson plan for you. You will experience the joy of creating the foods you love in a friendly and nurturing home environment and at the end sit down and savor the meal you created. After the meal there will be plenty of food to take with you to share your culinary art with your loved ones and friends. As an option, your personal chef, Adrienne, offers guided shopping tours to help you with selecting the freshest and tastiest ingredients for your meal.

Semi-Private Classes

Semi-private classes are more appropriate for cooking parties and demonstrations. Your personal chef, Adrienne, loves working with children and young teens and can adapt her lesson plans to a wide variety of audiences.

Private / Semi-private Classes include
  • nutritionally sound menu-planning
  • easy-to-follow recipes
  • guidance for choosing fresh, healthy, savory ingredients
  • food preparation and cooking technique
  • hands-on student participation
  • hygiene, safe food handling
  • proper storage
  • a sit-down dinner
  • extra portions to take home and share
Typical Class Duration: 4 to 6 hrs

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