Adrienne's Gourmet Cuisine Guided Market Tours

Small Personalized Classes for 3 to 6 People

"Adrienne is very dedicated and passionate about what she does. She puts her whole heart and soul into her cooking and does it very thoroughly. I would definitely recommend her class to someone else and will continue to pursue my cooking passion with Adrienne"

Savor new tastes, textures and aromas and experience the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables and the freshest meats, fish and poultry. Classes are held at up-scale supermarkets, organic foods markets, farmers markets or specialty (e.g. seafood or Asian markets) depending on the material being taught. The tours are two hours long at prearranged times. Three tours are offered:

Each tour explores the diversity of the foods and features recipes in which they may be used. You will learn how to identify foods that are fresh, how to keep them from spoiling and how to include them in a nutritionally balanced diet. Each class covers four to six topics in depth. Featured recipes are presented for each topic.

Class size limited to 6 participants.

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